Third Eye Theatre
Placing theater back into the hands of the performer.

Cannibal! The Musical
written by Trey Parker

Cast of Players:
Alfred Packer Ira Kortum
Poly Pry Alacias Enger
Israel Swan Jeff Gardner
Shannon Bell David Ian
George Noon Jamie Mallory
James Humphrey Chandler Adams
Frank Miller Dylan Hillerman
Frenchy Cabazon Chantel York
O.D. Loutzenheiser Elaine Flowers
Preston Nutter Laura Beth Weinberg
Prosecutor & Dream Leann Dino AElfweald
Judge/Humphrey's Dad Simeon Denk
Noon's Father/Sheriff/Oracle Allen Fertuna
Indian Chief Yohhei Satto
Indian Princess/Townie Amber Wootan
Man in Black Mike Capizzi

Director Ira Kortum
Assistant Director Ken York
Technical Director/Stage Manager Cosette Brown
Technical Crew Jamie Mallory
Costume Design Rebecca Dow
Light & Set Design Cosette Brown & Jeff Gardner
Scenic Artist Jeff Gardner
Painting & Construction Cosette Brown, Michelle Drury, Jeff Gardner, & Jamie Mallory
Stage Hand Mike Capizzi
Music Coordinator Jamie Mallory
Light Board Operator Cosette Brown
Sound Board Operator Ken York
House Manager Laura Beth Weinberg
Publicist Callie McCullough
Poster Design Christina Kortum

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