Third Eye Theatre
Placing theater back into the hands of the performer.

Dylan Hillerman's Grand Guignol

Why "DH's GG"?

- "because I was writing and (originally) directing. It wasn't until we had shaken hands on it and I had designed the poster that I realized I couldn't make rent this summer if I spent my May and June directing. (I hear we're no longer in a recession. Ha!) I begged Ira Kortum and David Ian to take the reigns. Cosette has put up with a ton of shit, demonstrated resilience in word and action, and has been extremely instrumental in the success of this show.

Grandma, I know somewhere you are watching us with that third eye of yours. You still don't like Le Grand Guignol and you'd rather be watching Murder, She Wrote! but we're having fun playing monsters and our audience rocks!

This show is dedicated to my grandma, Phyllis Willis, who left this strange and thrilling world a year ago."

-Dylan Hillerman (excerpt from GG1's stagebill)

Grand Guignol

Dylan Hillerman's
Grand Guignol

Cast of Players
Mistress of Ceremonies
Tana Miller

E-(dis) Harmony Ball
by Ira Kortum
George Michael Ondusko
Darla Dino de AElfweald
Jack Jeff Gardner
Ellen Cami Ashton

Silicone Dealth Cult
by Dylan Hillerman
and Greg Bigoni
Eva Eros Cami Ashton
Bull Greg Bigoni
Muddy Robert Hill
Michael Kale Arndt

Les Sniques
(The Sneakies)

by David Ian
Brenda Mia Allen
Archie Jeff Gardner
Charlie James Bradley
Denise Desirae Stewart

Under My Skin
by Ira Kortum
Ann Morgan Powell
Rick Jason Thalacker
Danny Kale Arndt
Wild Man Silas Webb

Director Ira Kortum
Assistant Director David Ian
Technical Director Cosette Brown
Stage Manager Cosette Brown
Costume Design Rebecca Dow
Lighting Design James Bradley
Set Design Tom Johnson
Assistant Technical Director Jeff Gardner
Special FX Makeup Artists Christina Kortum &
Cosette Brown
Charge Painter Beverly Burris
House Manager Laura Beth Weinberg
Light Board Operator Dawn Shipley
Sound Board Operator Joshua Kiser
Live Original Music Amoree Lovell
Stage Crew Beverly Burris
Ember Dahl
Elaine Flowers
Poster Design Dylan Hillerman
Photographer Jeff Gardner

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