Third Eye Theatre
Placing theater back into the hands of the performer.

Grand Guignol 2:
Deadly Dames

Third Eye Theatre Logo

Cast of Players
Monsieur Guignol
Doug Bayer

Cul-de-Sac of the Beer-Thirty Superdolls
by Greg Bigoni
Gina Dawn A Manske
Nick Tom Abbott
Wren Toby West
Lynnette Alacias Enger

by Ravyn Jazper-Hawke
Alice Alacias Enger
Sabrina Lisa Brandt Heckman
Cameron Lawrence Anders

Weekwhacker Tuesday
by Amanda Mauer
Julie Francis Elaine Flowers
Mrs Francis Nicole Crawford
Mrs Francis (understudy) Laura Beth Weinberg
Betty Dalene Young
Betty (understudy) Nicole Crawford
Mr Mitchell Andrew Heckman
Mr Mitchell (understudy) Laura Beth Weinberg
Todd Lawrence Anders
Kate Toby West
Elijah Tom Abbott
Gardner Kale Arndt

Georgie Gets A Facelift
by Daniel Guyton
Georgie Kale Arndt
Girl Scout Dawn A Manske
Momma Lisa Brandt Heckman

Artistic Director Alacias Enger
Managing Director Cosette Brown
Starved/Weedwhacker Tuesday
Cosette Brown
Ravyn Jazper-Hawke
Technical Director Cosette Brown
Stage Manager Mandara Nott
House Manager Laura Beth Weinberg
Light & Set Design Cosette Brown
Sound Design Cosette Brown &
Ravyn Jazper-Hawke
Costume Design Sarah Law
Props Mistress Cosette Brown
Props Manager Erica Potter
Light Board Operator Dawn Shipley
Sound Board Operator Cosette Brown
Poster Art Greg Bigoni
Poster & Program Design Cosette Brown
Program Art Toby West
Advertising Joshua Kiser

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