Third Eye Theatre
Placing theater back into the hands of the performer.

We Bombed In New Haven
written by Joseph Heller

Cast of Players:
The Major Chandler Adams
Captain Starkey Simeon Denk
Sergeant Henderson Jeff Gardner
Corporal Bailey Kale Arndt
Corporal Sinclair Jake Gott
PFC Joe Carson Silas Webb
Private Fisher Ian Countryman
Idiot 1 Luke Fisher
Idiot 2 Brook
Idiot 3 Beverly Jean Burris
Ruth Jamie Mallory
Hunter Tray Erwin
Golfer Laura Beth Weinberg
Young Fisher Jake Mareneck
Starkey's Son Doug Bayer

Artistic Director Alacias Enger
Managing Director Cosette Brown
Director Alacias Enger
Technical Director Cosette Brown
Assistant Director Cosette Brown
Assistant Director Jeff Gardner
Technical Director Jeff Gardner
Costume Design Rebecca Dow
Light Design Cosette Brown
Set Design Jeff Gardner
Poster Art Greg Bigoni
House Manager Laura Beth Weinberg
Light & Sound Board Operator Desirae Stewart
Light & Sound Board Operator Emily Wolf
Set Painter Beverly Burris
Stitcher Amber Wootan

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