Third Eye Theatre
Placing theater back into the hands of the performer.

Louie's at 1st & Main
written by
Michael A Rose

Cast of Players:
Dimitri Nolan Chard
Louis Colin McLeod
Bright Girl Jenny Finke
Sgt. Tracy Chandler Adams
Officer Charles Silas Webb
Tessie Dalene Young
Bernie Trevor Brady
Snotty Kid Elaine Flowers
Stanley Doug Bayer
Mother Amber Wootan
Business Woman Elaine Flowers

Artistic Director Alacias Enger
Director Alacias Enger
Technical Director Cosette Brown
Assistant Technical Director Jeff Gardner
Stage Manager Cosette Brown
Assistant Stage Manager Jamie Mallory
Costume Design Rebecca Dow
Light & Sound Design Cosette Brown
Set Design Tom Johnson
Poster Design Dylan Hillerman
House Manager Laura Beth Weinberg
Light Board Operator Cosette Brown
Sound Board Operator Alacias Enger